Wednesday Dec 06th, 2017


Many homewoners planning on making a move struggle with not knowing what they should do first.

The first step in making this decision will be to know the market condtions in your local area, not what you hear on the evening news.  Most Realtors offer this type of consulation free of charge.



POWER TO NEGOTIATE TOP DOLLAR - beacause the seller is not under pressure it is their provocative to entertain or pass on any offers that may come across the table.

TOP DOLLAR - If your lucky enough to have a buyer that is total head over heals over your house and they understand that your not in any hurry to sell, then changes are they will offer you what you asked and they will be much more accomodating to you specific needs when it comes to inserting certain clauses.

CONDITIONAL OFFER - Many people beleive that conditions on Agreements of Purchase and sale or mainly for the benefit of the Buyer.  However, this is not true.  A sell may deceide to include a condition for their benefit.  Here's one example:  The Seller may want to use a condition that states the offer will be conditional on the Seller being able to enter into a firm agreement to purchase and alternate home.

CONFIDENCE TO PURCHASE - Now that the Seller's home is SOLD they will have the option to know exacally what their budget is in moving forward; They may opt to rent in the short term taking time to deceide excally what they would like to purchase; They may at times even be able to rent back their own home for the short term.



SELLER'S MARKET - When there is a number of qualified buyers and inventory is low it is not unusual for homes to sell within 1-5 days of being exposed on the open market.  This type of market sifts out the superior homes from the inferior hones and the left over inventory may not quite meet the Buyer's expecations.

LISTING IS TOO GOOD TO PASS UP - Life has with it many ups and downs and people priorities change.  It is because of situations such as these that buyer's find from time to time a new listing exposed on the market with a Listing Price too Good to Pass Up - Therefore a Buyer must be ready to take advantage of this opporunity.

OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS - Sometimes people are not even thinking of making a move until one they they see the home of their dreams on the Market. - Being ready is Key

The decision between selling first vs. buying first will be mostly dependent on the market conditons, then ones motivation and finally their financial position.

Like no two snowflakes are alike, no two real estate transactions are alike.  Knowing the market conditions is just the first step to getting started, it is as equally important to understand that both selling and buying real estate has attached to it various other costs, fees, penalties etc.  These are the very things that make each tansaction unique.  Knowing these costs ahead of time will also play a substanital part in whether or not your should sell before you buy or buy before you sell.

Daniella and I are always available to sit with propsepctive clients to discuss their personal possibilites.

Giosetta Belperio

Daniella Campoli

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